API functions for Windows 2D

Functions list overview

The following functions are supported with 2d navigation for Windows, either using .NET or C++ SDK.

Function nameC++ refC++ refDescription
StartNavigation C++ C# start navigation to a waypoint
StopNavigation C++ C# stops navigation by canceling route
NavigateToAddress C++ C# navigates to address given by string
SetRoute C++ C# starts navigation from a given itinerary
AddItinerary C++ C# adds itinerary to navigation filesystem
DeleteItinerary C++ C# deletes itinerary from navigation filesystem
GetItineraryList C++ C# retrieves given itinerary as a list of waypoints
SkipNextWaypoint C++ C# skips coming waypoint from navigation
LoadComputedRoute C++ C# loads precomputed route and starts navigating
SaveComputedRoute C++ C# saves the current route into navigation filesystem
LocationFromAddress C++ C# retuns geocoded lat/lon from a given address
LocationFromAddressEx C++ C# returns list of address candidates and their lat/lon positions matching given address
GetAddressList C++ C# returns list of address points at the current hierarchy level matching given address substring
GetLocationInfo C++ C# returns reverse-geodecoded address from lat/lon
GetCoordinatesFromOffset C++ C# retrieves lat/lon from map road id (offset)
ShowHierarchyDialog C++ C# executes hierarchy address selection dialog and returns the address
Navigation status
GetActualGpsPosition C++ C# returns current GPS position
GetCurrentSpeedLimit C++ C# returns the speed limit on currently driven road
GetNextInstruction C++ C# returns next turn instruction
GetRouteInfo C++ C# returns details about currently calculated route
Initialization and app control
InitApi C++ C# intializes API
CloseApi C++ C# closing API
BringApplicationToBackground C++ C# brings navigation to background
BringApplicationToForeground C++ C# brings navigation to foreground
EndApplication C++ C# exits navigation
CloseDialogs C++ C# closes all open dialogs and returns to navigation mode
ChangeAppRectangle C++ C# changes navigation window size and position
IsApplicationInForeground C++ C# tests whether navigation is in foreground
IsApplicationRunning C++ C# tests whether navigation is running
ChangeApplicationOptions C++ C# sets various navigation options
SwitchMap C++ C# switches between multiple maps if available
GetApplicationVersion C++ C# returns navigation version
GetSdkVersion C++ C# returns api version
GetMapVersion C++ C# returns map release version
GetUniqueDeviceId C++ C# returns device id
OnMenuCommand C++ C# triggers selected menu dialog
GpsSwitchOn C++ C# switches GPS module on and off
DisableExternalGpsInput C++ C# disables sending GPS data externally
EnableExternalGpsInput C++ C# enables sending GPS data externally
SendGpsData C++ C# sending GPS data externally from string
ShowMessage C++ C# shows message dialog
FlashMessage C++ C# flashes given message for a short moment
ShowRectangleOnMap C++ C# zooms map into given rectangle
ShowCoordinatesOnMap C++ C# shows map defining the central point and zoom level
PlaySoundTTS C++ C# plays message using TTS
AddBitmapToMap C++ C# draws picture on map
LoadGFFile C++ C# loads GF file (polyline graffics) and draws it on map
AddTMCEvent C++ C# adds TMC event (traffic info) and drwas it on map
LoadExternalFile C++ C# loads external GF file or TMC file
FindNearbyPoi C++ C# finds nearest POI around given position
SetPoiWarning C++ C# sets POI warning parameters for a POI category
HighlightPoi C++ C# highlights the selected POI by short time flashing and sound play
AddPoiCategory C++ C# adds a new user defined POI category
AddPoi C++ C# adds new POI to a user defined POI category
GetPoiList C++ C# retrieves list of POIs from a selected POI category
Online connectivity
GoOnline C++ C# enables or disables online services
OnlineServicesLogin C++ C# logs in for online services
OnlineServicesSettings C++ C# sets options for online services
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