Error 5 appearing

Error-5 appearing when launching navigation or after route computing

The error nr. 5 occurs in one of the following cases:

  • 1. when start or destination point of route is out of coverage of loaded maps
  • 2. when start or destination point of route is prohibited for trucks (or also for the other vehicles)
  • 3. when you have selected the wrong "planning preferences" like bicycle or pedestrian option when you are driving a car

You can check it very easily:

  • 1st and 2nd case:
    You can find the exact position where you would like to be navigated via:
    Main menu> Map> Find the piece of road on the map or find it via left "Options" button>
    If this piece of road is gray then it is prohibited for the trucks or cars.
  • 3rd case:
    You can go to the "planning preferences" via:
    Main menu> Settings> Planning preferences>
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