FleetWork products

Sygic FleetWork is a platform which allows you to manage your entire mobile workforce. It consists of the web and mobile application, i.e. Sygic FleetWork Web Portal and Sygic FleetWork Mobile Application.  The mobile application is used by drivers while they are managed by dispatchers through the web application. Application data are stored on the cloud and are accessed via secured connections.

  1. The dispatchers are using internet browsers to access Sygic FleetWork
  2. The dispatchers schedule and assign jobs to drivers. The jobs and drivers are tracked by the system and could be monitored in real time.
  3. The jobs are instantly delivered to the drivers phones
  4. The drivers are executing jobs helped by navigation

Sygic FleetWork also provides FleetWork API for integration of Sygic FleetWork functionality into external web based systems.

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