EXR map correction files

EXR Files specification

Specification version 2.0

This section explains the role of EXR files.

1. About EXR Files

EXR files enable you to change &quotRoad Restriction&quot for specific road on a particular map version, by

Main Menu> Map> Click on the specific road> Press "+" button located on middle bottom> Change road restriction>

Modifying road restriction creates an .exr file with changed restrictions, which can be delivered to your customers who are using the same release of Fleet Navigation and the same map version.

2. EXR File Attributes

The following attributes are held in an .exr file.

BYTE Type of restriction (in first section it is 0)
DWORD Element ID
DWORD Logistic attribute.
DWORD Main logistic attribute (ie. No trucks allowed)
DWORD Number of new dimensional restrictions (weight, mass, etc.)
For all dimensional restrictions:  
BYTE Type of dimensional restriction.
DWORD Value of dimensional restriction.
Every higher graph level (1 and 0) which contains changes on lowest graph level records these changes:  
BYTE Type, in second section it is 1.
BYTE Graph level with the actual change.
DWORD Start point offset.
DWORD Finish point offser.
DWORD Number of changed element which belong to higher graph level
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