Error loading map at the application start

The following errors can occur:

  • No maps available. Check your memory card
  • No map loaded, tap here to access the menu ...

1. No maps available

This means that some of the subfolders or files are not properly placed or missing inside a map folder.
Path to the map folder is defined in settings.ini through the MapPath variable.
It defines the map folder root to be relative to Android subfolder
The example of the map folder location with the setting MapPath=\..\Maps (default setting) is as follows:


The map folder should be populated as follows (example of Sygic 3D)


Please make sure:

  • there are map country subfolders (e.g. deu) in the Maps folder
  • file is present at the same folder
  • content.lic file is present at the same folder
  • content.lic contains an activation code

2. No map loaded

This can be be caused by:

  • file is not located properly. Check if it is on the MapPath, and next to the map country subfolders (e.g. deu).
  • file was modified or it does not fit to the product you have purchased.
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