Navigation products


Our navigation products come with several versions and releases. This page gives the classification.
of the products and relates it to the developer's view.


At the highest level we talk about 2 products concerning the navigation for Enterprise solutions:

  • Sygic Navigation - for integration purposes
  • Sygic OEM Navigation - for standalone usage

It is the Sygic Navigation product, which is used for integration into/with 3rd party applications using SDK library.


Product variants

Each product comes with the following product variants:

  • Sygic Professional
  • Sygic Truck
  • Sygic Taxi

The product variants differ from each other with the licensing configuration and map content. From the development point of view they are of the same software release.

Navigation engines and Releases

Each product variant can come with 2D or 3D version.
The 3D version is our latest, currently with a strong focus on the Android platform.
The 2D version is suitable for the devices, which have lower performance, and are typically of the WindowsCE platform.
2D and 3D versions come each with its own release numbering.

Product categories

As from the perspective of development, installation, activation and update possibilities the 2 products can be divided into the following 5 major product categories,
where it makes sense to differentiate between 2D and 3D engine and the OS platform. While it is not important to differentiate between product variants as it relates to configuration options, which influence a development marginally.

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