Device identification for activation


The device code (or device id) is the unique identification of your mobile device, to which licensing is bound. For correct activation you need to read the device code properly. This sections describes two methods how to do it.

Device id retrieval for Sygic 2D versions

There are 2 ways how to get it automatically:

  • 1. Via our SDK using the function GetUniqueDeviceID.
    It is available on each version of the Sygic Fleet application having enabled SDK.
  • 2. Via mapStatus.csv file.
    It is available on Sygic Fleet application version 15d or higher.
    In this case the Fleet navigation doesn't have to have SDK enabled.

Retrieve device code via mapStatus.csv

You can find the file under the subfolder .../Drive/platform

With the first launch of the Sygic Fleet navigation, the file mapStatus.csv is created and the device code is stored as 4th parameter in the first line.
So you can programmatically read out this parameter from the file. The example is below.

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