Installation of 2D Navigation from demo package

You can install the navigation from the demo package, which you can obtain by downloading through our Contact form

Our supported Windows platforms are WindowsCE, Windows Mobile, WindowsXP and Windows 8, and the installation procedure is the same for all of them.

Prepare installation image

Out of the downloaded package you need to construct the following folder structure setup (image).


We recommend to construct it locally on your computer. And finally as such copy it on your target device.

The installation image is already contained in the zip inside the folder Navigation/Sygic2D. It only needs to be extracted out as a whole.
Please note that the Maps folder is populated with demo maps.

Activation not needed

The package contains demo maps inside so you don't need any activation.

Installation on device

Installation of navigation is about to copy the image to an appropriate place on sdcard or internal memory. Typically the image is copied to the device's root folder as follows (example with sdcard):


Alternatively it can be placed inside a wrapping folder and moved into an arbitrary location, example Sygic2D:


But please note that positioning of the Sygic software in the device's file system is subject to device's configuration capabilities as well as your requirements for application invocation.

Invoking the navigation on device

The navigation invocation is about to start Drive.exe application, which is on one of the following paths depending on your platform:

  • ../Drive/WindowsCE/Drive.exe
  • ../Drive/WindowsMobile/Drive.exe
  • ../Drive/WindowsXP/Drive.exe
  • ../Drive/Windows8/Drive.exe

The invocation of the application can be done in several ways:

  • clicking on Drive.exe file in OS shell or through File Manager
  • filling the Drive.exe full path in a device configuration. Then typically power off an on the device for auto start. Alternatively there is often a special GUI button to trigger the application
  • by means of a call from another program
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