Remote activation using PHP requests


You can develop your own tool for remote activation of the licenses using https/php request which allows you to connect directly to sygic server and perform activation operations.
The requirement is that each device is having established internet connection.

Please note: on August 2, 2016 we have migrated business license system into the new generation version where product id's have different values than before so you might need to update your activation script to use new values. Besides we are also changing service URL, but for the compatibility reasons we still keep the old one till December 31, 2016. For details check the Backward compatibility paragraph bellow.

Request format

The request to be used is in the following format:

Replace %s sign in the request above with a real SD password, Product ID, Device Code and Description (as specified in the request) to assign a license to your account.

SD password is the password you can generate through the Business License site. Check Password retrieval.
Product ID is a specific number, that your Sales Account Manager will give you on request.
Device code is a unique code identifying your device by Sygic Navigation application. Check Device code retrieval.
Description is optional. It can be a number or a name used to identify the owner of the license.

Activation process

You can integrate the php request into your own tool or even you can execute it via a web browser


As a response to the request sent to the Sygic license server, an activation code will be generated (e.g. "cc20fean7d0d" like on the picture below). Please, save it as "license.txt" file and store it in the same folder as the .mlm file that is located in the map folder on your device. Now you can launch the navigation on your device and it will read valid activation code for the map.

Protocol details

The following are the possible outputs of the service

topic Http Status Response
successful activation of a free license 200 OK1:activationcode
successful reactivation of an already activated license 200 OK2:activationcode
no more free licenses 200 ERROR:no free SD license on this product
wrong service type 200 ERROR:Incorrect service type
wrong or expired password 200 ERROR:Incorrect SD_password
missing product id in the request 200 ERROR:Missing product_ID
referring to non existing product 200 ERROR:Non existing product_ID
referring to incorrect product 200 ERROR:Incorrect product_ID
missing device code in the request 200 ERROR:Missing device_code


Backward compatibility

 We have this protocol change from August 02, 2016 on.

topic before August 02, 2016 after August 02, 2016
passwords 8 hexadecimal numbers 8 alphabet lowercase characters
protocol security http https
password retrieval not available anymore through through tab Orders button Remote activation
product ids retrieval not available anymore through through tab tab Orders Remote activation


For backward compatibility we keep the old URL link valid till December 31, 2016.

However for new remote activations you need to use new passwords and product id's.

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