Remote activation using Sygic library


This remote activation type means that Sygic provides you with the library, through which you can activate navigation licenses in an automated way.
You can integrate that library into your device side application, which then can trigger the activation functions from the library.

The activation is called from your application, which includes Sygic activation library and it is important that there is an internet connectivity during the activation call.
The activation call requires a password and the location of license file. You can retrieve the password through logging to your Sygic Partner account. Check Password retrieval.
Calling the activation function consumes one licence from your account. Make sure you don't call the activation function twice on the same device as it can consume two licenses for one device.

Activation flow

We provide RemoteActivation.dll. You need to include this dll into your application project, and include the extern declaration

extern "C" int RemoteActivate(WCHAR* strMlmPath, WCHAR* strPassword);

The function to be called is RemoteActivate(string pathToMlm, string password).
It is important that mlm file exists in Navigation (i.e. navigation is fully preinstalled).

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