Reverse geocoding example


This sample demonstrates how to obtain current GPS position and converts it into an address. Functions used are GetActualGpsPosition and GetLocationInfo.



        void GetAddress()
            int lat;
            int lon;
            GetActualGpsPosition(true, out lat, out lon);
            string address = ReverseGeoCode(lat, lon);
            Debug.WriteLine("address:" + address);

        public void GetActualGpsPosition(bool bSatellitesInfo, out int lat, out int lon)
            SError err;
            SGpsPosition gpos = new SGpsPosition();
            int ret = CApplicationAPI.GetActualGpsPosition(out err, out gpos, bSatellitesInfo, 0);
            lat = gpos.Latitude;
            lon = gpos.Longitude;

        string ReverseGeoCode(int lat, int lon)
            string strAddress;
            SError err;
            LONGPOSITION lp = new LONGPOSITION(lon, lat);
            SRoadInfo sri = new SRoadInfo();
            int ret = CApplicationAPI.GetLocationInfo(out err, lp, out strAddress, out sri, 0);
            if (ret != 1)
                return "";
            return strAddress;
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