Web activation for Offline devices


This activation is performed by customer through Sygic Business License Portal after a license purchase.
Within the site the customer can generate a license file out of the imported list of device id's.
The generated license file needs to be copied to each device of the set of devices to have preactivation done.

This type of activation is suitable with the cases where the id's of your set of devices are known.
This type of activation does not require internet connection with Sygic application run.
This type of activation is suitable for mass activation.

This type of activation is available for the following versions of Sygic navigation:

  • Sygic Fleet 2D for Windows
  • Sygic Fleet 2D for Android
  • Sygic Fleet 2D for Linux

Collecting list of device id's

The key point in this activation type is to have the list of device id's available in a single text file (one device id per row).
Sygic can provide you with the tool, which can help you collecting device id's for the set of your devices and dump into a single file. You can ask it from your Sygic account manager.

Generating license file

It is done through Sygic Business License Portal.

1. Select product

In the Orders tab select the product within your product list, for which the activation is to be done.

2. Import the device id's

Click on Activate licenses button and Copy & paste your list of device id's into the open window dialog.
Optionally you can add the note, which will be associated with each license in the list.

3. Generate licenses

Click on the button OK to execute the activation operation. The result is the list of activation codes.

4. Export license files

Click on the button License.txt to export the generated activation codes into the License.txt file.
Similarly you can export the product definition mlm file.

Pre-activation on device

The generated license files (name it and content.lic for 3D navigation or product.mlm and license.txt for 2D navigation) needs to be copied to each device.
It is required that the maps are already preinstalled on the device as well since no online map download occurs inside Sygic navigation for offline products.

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