FleetWork integration concept


Sygic FleetWork API allows you to connect your or third party system to Sygic FleetWork and take advantage of its fleet and workforce management and navigation functions.
The API opens the access to the FleetWork cloud-based backend engine, which smoothly commmunicates to the markeplace Sygic mobile applications such as FleetWork mobile app and Sygic Navigation.
Optionally one can use the Sygic FleetWork frontend web application, which provides an out-of-the-box access to the FleetWork system.

API scope

The API provides the following functions:

  • user (drivers and dispatchers) management
  • job and task creation using multi-waypoint (itinerary) scheme
  • job assignment
  • job tracking and status
  • messaging between user and dispatcher

For details see the Function List Overview.

Integration limitations

We currently support the integration only on Android platform, with the option to use the Sygic Android 3D navigation in the versions of Car Fleet, Truck, Emergency and Taxi.

Integration types

Concerning the integration types there are the following usecase options:

1. Usage with or without Sygic navigation

The Sygic navigation mobile application is optional in use. Some application usecases might require the navigation application, some might do well with just FleetWork mobile application, which provides the high-level job managament and tracking functionality.

2. Usage with or without Sygic web frontend

The Sygic frontend is optional in use. Some application usecases might be sufficiently worked out in such a way that the use of Sygic web frontend is not neccessary. However the access to the fontend is always available and may be used for some monitoring operations or administration.

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