How to download Android 3D navigation and SDK


For the application development or testing you may obtain from us the following packages:

  • navigation+sdk package
  • apk file

Depending on your goal please check the following 3 download options.

1. Download sdk application demo

The sdk demo will allow you to test application development using Sygic navigation.
You will need:

  • navigation+sdk package

Inside the package there is the Sygic sdk library and the Android versions of Sygic navigation.
There are also several examples for demonstrating an application development using sdk.
The maps are downloadable inside the application.

You can download the package with our Try SDK contact form.
Please make sure a proper Operating system is selected in the contact form. You will receive the download link to your email in few seconds.
After download you may continue with Try demo tutorial.

2. Download full setup for commercial application development

You will need:

  • navigation+sdk package

With the packages you will be able to build an application with a required version of navigation and map region.
The sdk package contains the sdk library and also serveral demo application examples.

In order to obtain the packages please Contact our sales.
Our sales representative will provide you with download links to the navigation version and activation code in order to download maps based on your preferences. After download you may continue with Getting started.

3. Download navigation only

If you want to install and test the navigation only you will need one of the following:

  • navigation+sdk package
  • apk file

Out of the navigation+sdk package you can simply extract the a desired navigation version as an apk file from the folder Navigation.
In order to obtain the package or a download link to an apk file please Contact our sales.
After download you may continue with Installation of Navigation.

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