Get ETA and Distance example


This sample demonstrates how to obtain ETA and the distance to finish on the currently calculated route. They key function here is the API function getRouteInfo followed by getEstimatedTimeArrival and getRemainingDistance.


import com.sygic.sdk.remoteapi.Api;
import com.sygic.sdk.remoteapi.ApiNavigation;
import com.sygic.sdk.remoteapi.model.RouteInfo;
String strETA = "";
int distanceToFinish = 0;
try {
   RouteInfo info = ApiNavigation.getRouteInfo(false, 0);
   RouteInfo.RouteInfoTime eta = info.getEstimatedTimeArrival();
   strETA = String.valueOf(eta);
   distanceToFinish = info.getRemainingDistance();
} catch (GeneralException e) {
   Log.e("RouteInfo",  "Error code:"+ e.getCode());
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