Sygic 3D changelog

Sygic Truck 13.7.1, 9.6.2017, build R-100884


- Custom changes of truck attributes in map via OpenLR Traffic events
- Fuel prices in POI on route with brand icons and cached for roaming
- Sharp curve warning
- Canada split to provinces
- Long vehicles are not entering class RC4 roads unless the destination is there
- Heavy vehicles above 22t are penalizing the speed profiles below 55km/h to avoid driving through cities
- Current truck parameter displayed after route computed
- Improved road numbers in voice instructions


Sygic Truck 13.7.0, 1.3.2017, build R-100762


- Enhanced voice and TTS instructions
- Improved GPS signal reception                                                       
- Itinerary with multiple vehicle types
- Setting to prefer left turns
- Control mobile data limit via SDK
- Flag to disable menu for drivers
- General bug fixes and stability improvements     


Sygic Truck 13.6.6, 11.11.2016, build R-100575


- Displaying unpaved and delivery-only roads, as well as toll roads in some countries
- Adding a new destination after current one
- Improved Route Summary dialog
- Quick zoom-out button
- Action dialog items can be hidden
- Menu_overload.ini file to keep menu items hidden even after app update
- General bug fixes and stability improvements


Sygic Truck 13.6.5, 4.10.2016, build R-100536


- New reporting of map errors
- Possibility to close problematic roads in map to avoid them
- New design of quick menu
- New layout design for landscape
- Improved instructions during music playback over Bluetooth
- Menu overload configuration file created
- Sending FCD data can be disabled in settings.ini
- Event Waypoint visited now also returns waypoint ID


 Sygic Truck 13.6.4, 24.8.2016, build R-100494


- New design of quick menu
- Improved instructions during music playback over Bluetooth


Sygic Truck 13.6.3, 13.6.2016, build R-100424


- Improved ETA for heavy vehicles
- Improved route recompute
- Truck toll in Germany from 7.5t
- Native TTS voices for all platforms
- Added setting not to cancel route when reaching the destination
- Possibility to send multiple Custom URLS at once
- Added custom URL to copy configuration files
- General bug fixes and stability improvements


Sygic Truck 13.6.2, 27.4.2016, build R-117796


- Improved design of destination entering and route computing progress
- Streetview shown for destiantion and waypoints
- Improved entering of multiple waypoint
- Added city districts in address
- Fixed bug of deleted destination or waypoint
- Navigation runing in background turned on by default


Sygic Truck 13.6.1, 9.2.2016, build R-100203

- Screen saver on highways
- Back button to switch to custom application
- Display ECO driving score broadcasted from custom application
- On application start recompute the route if a closure on route is loaded
- Tunnel simmulation switched to 2D view
- Bug fixes and stability improvements


Sygic Truck 13.5.3, 15th of October 2015, build R-117088

- new SDK function GetPoiOnRoute()
- POIs on route can be displayed with ETA instead of distance
- select a storage to install on first run
- adjusted speedlimits for Finland and Sweden
- time domains for trucks effective after 2015.12 map update
- native Android TTS available for Android 5
- added Google Navigation URL
- itinerary optimization includes time windows
- bugfixes and stability improvements
- improved route computing


Sygic Truck 13.5.2, 21.8.2015, build R-117039

- Last destination window to confirm or dismiss navigating to last destiation on application start
- Share location is back with standard Android share options
- Fixed favourites editing and deleting
- Main menu and Settings menu divided into two columns in landscape
- Simplified Settings menu
- Click on speedlimit sign to open speeding notification settings
- Lowered speedlimit for trucks with hazmat in France
- Improved traffic
- When zooming out the map rotates to North sooner
- Fixed custom URL scheme
- setRoute returns 3 new exception types


Sygic Truck 13.5.1, 30.6.2015, build R-116887

- New itinerary with time windows, stop times and ETA notifications
- Added itinerary optimization
- Improved Route summary
- Separate product for Campers, RVs and buses
- Head up Display available as inapp purchase
- Improved first run wizard
- Added possibility to report map issues for both map providers
- New Weigh Station POI category - available after map update
- Updated speedlimits for heavy goods vehicles in UK because of a legal change and in Wisconsin, USA
- Reverse geocoding now includes suburbs
- Reverse geocoding now uses adress points instead of house number ranges (if available in map)
- Added SDK function OptimizeRoute for current route optimization
- Added SDK option bAllowItineraryEdit to block itinerary editting
- Added SDK function getSdkVersion to find out the SDK version
- Added SDK function GetRouteStatus to find out the itinerary progress
- waypoints returned by SDK function LocationFromAddressEx are now in format consistent with input address
- SDK function GetItineraryList now returns empty array if no route is computed instead of an exception
- Fixed route computing when start is in prohibited zone
- Fixed Uturns - now suggested only if suitable for your truck
- Fixed custom URL for entering e-mail


Sygic Truck 13.5.0, 24.2.2015, build R-116631

- Sidebar API
- getCurrentSpeedLimit is now consistent with EVENT_SPEED_EXCEEDING – if speed limit information is missing in map data, it returns predefined national speed limit
- Standard GEO URI scheme support
- First run login via Custom URL
- Reduced map size
- Improved signposts


Sygic Truck 13.2.7, 5.11.2014, build R-116473

-Next turn notification is provided sooner
-Reaching the destination on the passenger's side of the vehicle
-Trucks are not guided to cross borders if not needed
-Improved truck speed limits for non-highways
-ETA displayed in the time zone of destination


Sygic Truck 13.2.6, 25.06.2014, build R-116339

-Routing for Camper cars and Buses
-Improved display of cities and roads in map
-Fix of SD card transfer with Android KitKat
-Stabilisation of SDK
-Start of navigation via SDK without prompts


Sygic Truck 13.2.5, 06.05.2014, build R-116222

-North America truck localization
-Quick search directed to standard search menu


Sygic Truck 13.2.4, 18.03.2014, build R-116189

-fixed recomputing
-route snapping back to version 13.1.
-possible to move data to SD card


Sygic 3D 13.2.3, 14.12.2014, build R-116157

-new text translations
-truck preferred routes in the main priority front during route computing
-navigation to not reachable waypoints in itineraries, navigating to closest reachable point
-new speed limits for USA
-new type of waypoints, invisible wps can be defined via SDK
-SDK stability improvements
-modified SDK demo

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