Navigation customizations


Sygic navigation can be customized to some extent through configuration files. The custom configuration can be split into the following categories:

  • setting of application options
  • adaptation of the menu control
  • mapping of custom hardware buttons

Next Sygic provides the following custom development services:

  • determination of device identification numbers for licensing
  • preparation of full installation package
  • device compatibility testing
  • adaptation to hardware controllers

Sygic provides the navigation packages with default configuration, which is supposed to be sufficient for majority of cases.
However some customizations to the default options are possible. All the customizations can be done by Sygic project managers but are subject to support fees.
Check with your Sygic sales representative about fees.

Custom configurations

Setting of application options is done through the configuration file Settings.ini.
It defines the queries of initial dialog (first run wizard), route calculation parametrization, POI search options, display resolution adaptations, presetting parametrizations for various menu controls and preferences, etc.
See Application settings for Sygic 2D or Application settings for Sygic 3D .

Menu control adaptations are done though the configuration file Menu.ini.
It is possible to redefine ordering of buttons, and possibly removing some buttons.
See Menu customization for Sygic 2D or Menu customization for Sygic 3D .

It is possible to make your special hardware buttons to control Sygic through Mapping of custom hardware buttons.
The configuration is done through the file Keymap.ini. With the file it is possible to set control actions like sound volume up or down to a device knowb, etc.
See Keymap settings for Sygic 2D (Windows only)

Custom development services

The following services are paid and you may check for pricing with your sales representative.

For some devices the standard identification of device id number is not applicable. In such a case the development of custom Determination of device numbers for licensing must take place.
The development is in the form of building a special library function.

Preparation of full installation package is an option, if you don't want to delve into details of creating installation image from standard sygic packages like navigation package, map packages, licensing files.
Our project management can support you with that.

Device compatibility with a latest version of Sygic can be a showstopper. Therefore Device Compatibility testing is a good choice to start with when a project starts.

Adaptation to hardware controllers might come as a result out of testing. Sometimes the drivers adaptation must be done for sound control to operate correctly, foreground/background control, date and time correctness for a corresponding timezone, etc.


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